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Tick Control Toronto Services: Protect Your Family and Pets with BEST PEST Control

Ticks in Toronto are a major health risk for people and animals and should be eliminated as soon as possible. In order to keep your family and pets safe from ticks, Best Pest Control Toronto provides tick control services. Ticks breeding and habitat regions will be identified by our staff after a comprehensive inspection of your property. We only use high-quality products that have proven to be effective in reducing ticks population.

Tick Terminator: Our Creative
Tick Control Process!

Customized Treatment Plan:
Customized tick management plans that take into account the tick infestations and tick habitats that are present on your property in order to effectively eliminate ticks.
Year-Round Protection:
Ongoing tick control toronto services are offered in order to maintain your property free of ticks throughout the whole year. These services are comprehensive in nature and are designed to eliminate ticks.
Guaranteed Protection:
Our tick control toronto services come with a satisfaction guarantee so that you can be entirely at rest during the whole procedure. Ticks are a common problem in many parts of Toronto and GTA.

BESTPEST's Tick Control Services of EXTERMINATION TARGET of Ticks

Our ultimate tick barrier treatment is meant to be lethal to ticks upon contact. Ticks breeding sites are the primary focus of our application of a specially designed solution that kills ticks. To further keep ticks out of your yard and property, we’ll set up a barrier surrounding your property.

Tick management is a top priority, which is why we also provide our unique tick tube treatment. When it comes to protecting your loved ones and pets against tick-borne illnesses, Best Pest Control Toronto has your back. We want you to be able to relax in your yard without worrying about ticks, therefore we provide tick control services. To take the first step towards a yard and property free of ticks, contact us now to arrange tick control treatment.

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tick control service includes a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify tick breeding and habitat regions. We use high-quality products to reduce tick populations and focus on tick breeding sites during our application process. We also provide tick tube treatment to get rid of ticks and would set up a barrier around your property to keep ticks out.

We recommend scheduling tick control services on an ongoing basis throughout the year to maintain your property free of ticks. Our year-round protection plan ensures that your property is always protected against tick infestations.

Yes, our tick control service uses high-quality products that have been shown to be safe for the environment. We also take precautions during our application process to ensure that our products are used safely and effectively.


We offer a satisfaction guarantee with our tick control services to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the results. If you're not satisfied, we'll treat your property again free-of-charge.